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Detector Frequencies Touch Professional CR-01

Detector Frequencies Touch Professional CR-01 View larger


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Main features of the Detector Frequencies, ultra-flat

  • Russian technology of high quality
  • Ultra thin-only 5 mm!
  • Dynamic range - 70 dB; Detects errors with very low signals and errors of high-power
  • Operation and intuitive touch of two buttons
  • Weight: only 25 g
  • Detects all kind of transmitters hidden


More details

299,95 € tax incl.

This detector frequencies ultra-thin CR-01 Russian technology allows you to locate hidden devices that work by: GSM, CDMA phones, 3G, Bluetooth, Wifi devices, wireless video cameras and microphones via radio.



CR-01 Detector frequencies professional the thinnest in the world. Small but powerful device anti-spy

Detector Frequencies CR-01. This device has a casing which is extremely thin (only 5 mm) and is lightweight. Looks like a credit card. It has extremely high sensitivity and can be used to detect and locate in near field a wide variety of radio transmitters used to access secret information. Despite its small size, the device combines the features of a professional device, such as: wide detection range of frequencies (from 10 to 3500 MHz) and high dynamic range unprecedented (70 dB).



This detector is very easy to use: has an intuitive operation with touch panel and only two buttons for operation.



The detector frequencies CR-01 - Is intended for search and detection of devices of the wireless transmission hidden that are in your vicinity. It works stably in the entire range of frequencies set with a very high sensitivity of search: 50 mV / m. The microprocessor high-speed is specially designed for the detection and localization of any device, radio transmission , such as:


  • Wireless cameras
  • GPS locators
  • Microphones GSM
  • Inhibitors
  • Cameras and microphones WIFI
  • Microphones, wiretaps
  • Wireless microphones
  • Walkie Talkies




The detector frequencies CR-01 uses a special filter that automatically blocks all background signals and minimizing interference from repeaters GSM, which allows you to use a detector even in the vicinity of noise sources. The filter GSM allows error detection and "eavesdropping devices telephone" very effectively in any difficult environment. The detector will automatically adjust to the background levels of radio signals.


Three modes of operation: Analogue; Digital; Guard.

Three alarm modes: audible, luminous, Silent.



Technical specification detector frequency portable

  • Dimensions: 77 x 47 x 5
  • Device weight with battery: 25 g
  • Supply voltage AC (Li-Pol battery): 3.2 to 4.2 V
  • Power consumption: W 0.16
  • Frequency range: 10-3500 MHz
  • Sensitivity mV / m: 50
  • Dynamic range, dB, up to 70
  • Detection range cash: 5m
  • Detection range mode guard: 50m



The package contains

  • 1 x Detector frequencies professional CR-01
  • 1 x instruction Manual in English

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