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PAPYRUS III voice Recorder Professional portable with remote control

PAPYRUS III voice Recorder Professional portable with remote control View larger


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The digital audio Recorder PAPYRUS III is a professional voice recording application that is designed for high-quality recording in challenging acoustic environments. Recorded in a radius of 5 m for indoor and up to 2 m outdoors. Ideal for professionals.

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With the new digital voice recorder PAPYRUS III will be able to perform audio recordings in meetings, lectures, interviews, and other activities indoor and outdoor of high quality even in a noisy environment. Has two different qualities of recording. You can burn more than 150 hours. Includes a memory of 32GB.


The voice Recorder PAPYRUS III is available in two models:

- PAPYRUS III with metal box

- PAPYRUS III TITAN with cover titanium reinforced which protects the device from electromagnetic fields.



Main features of voice recorder digital PAPYRUS III:

• The built-in microphone can record within a radius of 5 m within buildings and within a radius of 1-2 m in urban conditions.
• External microphone included
• Up to 153 hours of continuous recording
• Two recording modes:
- High (sampling rate of 32 kHz, recording time up to 76 h).
- Means (sampling rate of 16 kHz, recording time of up to 153 h).
• Remote control function: start and stop the recording with the remote control unit (only when the external microphone is connected to the recorder)
• "Invisible" to the locators of audio recorders, kinematic
• Protected against overrides audio model (TITAN)
• Protection against electrostatic discharge or interceptions by unauthorized.
• Color indicator of the condition of the battery and the mode of operation.


Voice activation

This voice recorder features voice activation (VAS), which allows you to decrease the amount of memory, increasing the actual recording time and the power consumption of the battery. Using this function, the system saves memory during pauses. The recorded audio files are downloaded to the hard disk of the PC through the USB cable.


On writing

It has function of cyclic recording, or writing. Once the memory is full, the recording does not stop but continues on by typing in the files that you previously recorded, in this way you have the files more recent.


Timer recording

Has activation of recording by timer preset. You will be able to choose between the 8 timers independent that incorporates the software. You can choose time of the recording, day and hour of the beginning of the recording, day and time to stop the recording, all days or weeks and turn it on once a day from the date and time that you activate in the settings.


Recording speed

Features two modes of recording. High, whose speed is 32MHz and gives a burn time of up to 76 hours. The medium, whose speed is 16MHz with a burn time of up to 153 hours.


Privacy policy

To protect the data stored in the voice recorder PAPYRUS III for unauthorized downloads, you have the option to set a PIN code. This window will appear with the PIN code request when you try to download the audio file from the protected device.

Also grants the ability to configure the device to delete all recordings and data stored without the possibility of recovery when it is entered wrongly three times in succession, the PIN code is incorrect.


The recorded files can be downloaded only with the specific software (PAPYRUS TOOL


Recorders SOROKA used up to 32 GB of removable memory card (FAT32 file system). But there are programs to format memory card to FAT32 of any size. In this case, the volume is unlimited.



The main functions of the mini recorder spy PAPYRUS III:

• Detection function of sound you're GOING.
• Built-in clock and timer.
• Turn on the recording timer preset (8 timers independent)
• Wireless remote Control of the basic functions of a digital audio recorder (only when the external microphone is connected).
• Li-ion battery built-in
• The recorded files are downloaded to the hard disk of the PC through USB-USB-micro cable.
• Audio recording mode cyclic: once the memory is full, recording continues by overwriting the files that you previously recorded (otherwise, once the memory is full, recording automatically stops)
• Password protection of records
• Recording high-quality audio
• Power consumption ultra low
• Authentication of recordings



  • Built-in microphone: Yes
  • External microphone: If
  • Recording time: Up to 153 hours
  • Recording modes: High and Medium.
  • Radio recording: 1-2 meters in urban areas and 5 metres.
  • Function remote Control
  • Function voice activation: If
  • Clock and timer built-in
  • Timer recording: IF
  • Depending on writing
  • Authentication of recordings
  • Memory 32GB built-in
  • Built-in lithium battery. Low power consumption
  • The recorded data can be downloaded and reproduced only through the software PAPYRUS TOOL.
  • Format audio files: WAV
  • Size: 77mm x 43mm x 11mm
  • Metal housing
  • Dynamic range: 82 dB
  • Consumption current: up to 10mA



  • 1 x digital voice Recorder PAPYRUS III
  • 1 x external Microphone
  • 1 x micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Charger 220V
  • 1 x Vehicle power Charger 12V
  • 1 x remote control Unit
  • 1 x Software Papyrus Tool
  • 1 x pencil Case with compartments
  • 1 x User Manual


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