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Locator GPS 3G WIFI Logger Portable High Autonomy 32Gb

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  • Triple localization system: GPS + WIFI + GSM
  • 3G technology. It increases the speed of transmission. Accuracy more quickly.
  • Long autonomy with its battery of 5000mAh
  • Water-resistant. Certification IPx7
  • Location platform for free
  • You can work as a LOGGER, storing data for up to 10 years in an SD memory card.


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199,95 € tax incl.




Introducing the new evolution of the locators GPS personal. Includes a clip for attachment to belt, purse or backpack. Now with WIFI system.


3G technology increases the speed of transmission of data on the 2G. In this way, the accuracy is achieved in a much faster and improved cold starts.

NOTE: The GPS locators ancient work with 2G technology. Countries such as the united States with AT&T, the Netherlands with Tele 2, Australia, Japan or South Korea because they do not use the 2G network. In SPAIN, many telephony operators no longer work with cards up to 2G and only use 3G cards. If you do not want to waste your money to buy a GPS locator for the future with 3G technology.




The main feature of this GPS locator is your triple system location employing the technology of GPS + WIFI + GSM getting excellent accuracy regardless of the place where it is located.




This GPS locator can work without a SIM card. If you do not want to hire a data plan or are not interested in the real-time monitoring, you can configure the beacon GPS to work in LOGGER mode, that is to say, for the device to store all the positions in a micro SD card up to 32 Gb (not included). The tours will be able to visualize by connecting the GPS to the PC as shown in the video of the bottom


With 32Gb memory you can store up to 10 years in positions




If the GPS locator is moved or the push, notify you immediately via SMS or call. Ideal for placing on objects or vehicles.




This GPS locator is durable and water-resistant. Account with a certified IPx7. It means that this device has passed the waterproof test, submerging it in water to 1 meter for 30 minutes.




You can see the position in real-time from any Smartphone thanks to the free apps available in both Android and iPhone. Is easily configured via SMS. Have a feature called "deep sleep", which, together with its rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery you can expect at rest, motion or vibration to wake up, and/or reporting of location of pre-programmed when it begins to move. WE WILL CONFIGURE THE GPS SO THAT YOU ONLY HAVE TO ENJOY IT.

See our follow-up plans in






It can be used both in our professional platform like in the platform free of charge from the manufacturer, without any type of cost. See the video of the bottom





Click HERE to download the catalogue of GPS locators.


If you want to buy a GPS tracking device cheap, don't think more, the gps locator portable with internal battery is your device.


You can connect easily to the platform of track FREE from the manufacturer, or in our platform for professional use or you can even buy your own tracking platform PRIVATE to display all the GPS locators to your company or fleet without monthly fees and with the utmost confidentiality.


It has a size super small so you can hide easily in the trouser pocket, jacket or backpack.


You can see the position in real-time from any Smartphone, thanks to applications available on both Android and iPhone. Autonomy of up to 30 days in sleep mode



Technical specifications gps locator cheap Nano SIM:

  • Internal battery: 5000 mAh
  • GPS:
    • U-BLOX G6010-ST, 50 channel
    • Antenna: Internal
    • Frequency: L1 1575.42 MHz
    • Position accuracy: <5m
  • A-GPS:
    • AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline services,
    • OMA SUPL compliant
  • Sensitivity:
    • Tracking: -161 dBm
    • Cold starts: -148 dBm
    • Hot starts: -156 dBm
    • Cold start: <27s
    • Warm Start: <5s
    • Hot Start: 1s
  • GPRS:
    • MTK 626D
    • Band; 850/900/1800 /1900 / 2100 MHz
    • GPRS Class 12
    • Antenna: Internal


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