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Repellent pest-Grand-550

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New product

  • Range of protection: up to 500 m2.
  • Not lead to a habituation effect on the pests.
  • Safe for people, animals, and pets.
  • Tested against mice, rats, moles, hamsters, soricidas.
  • Can be used within industrial premises.

More details

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The sequence is not repetitive of ultrasonic waves is used to terrorize the rodents, and rats. Excludes the possibility of habituation that often arises when using repellents made cheaply in China. As the signals change, the animals may not easily adapt to them, and to leave finally the room.


The pattern patented sound vibration allows to exclude completely the degradation of the sound. As a result, the areas where the rodents can still live not emerge. It also allows you to use a number of repellents in a room to expand the effective range of the repel.



High power of emission

The range of protection of the product is up to 500 m2. The research conducted by our firm have shown that it is impossible to further increase the power of emission, because that way will have an impact on humans. In consequence, we can confirm that you have achieved the rank of protection maximum that is possible with this method repellent.



Independent use

The product is intended to be used independently, within the areas that are not equipped with network 220 V (in basements and warehouses, outdoors, etc). The ultrasonic repeller GRAD A-500 of mouse, rat, and mole can operate from batteries or accumulators, or from the network 220 V with a power adapter. Can be delivered with a car adapter (optional) for independent operation of a standard car battery.



The ultrasonic repeller GRAD A-500 of mouse, rat, and mole can be used both on the surface (for protection against rats, mice, hamsters) and below ground (for protection against moles and soricidas). The use of the underground device, the device must be placed tightly in a PVC film and then move towards the hole of the mole. The efficiency of this method, as well as the fact that the gophers are going to be more than 100 yards away due to the operation of the product, have been tested by many experiments performed by our staff.


Repellent mouse, rat, and mole ultrasonic GRAD A-500 was tested for 3 years under the conditions of the city and the people.




Area of use


  • On the inside (if there are no people living near). The product can be used in breeding of animals and coops, stores of vegetable and grain stores, warehouses, factories, hotels, restaurants, shops, holiday camps, etc., in Addition, can be used to protect tunnels, wells, water lifting, hangars, utility systems and underground telecommunication lines subsurface. In daily life, helps to protect the summer homes, houses, floors, basements and cellars, gardens and orchards.
  • Installation within indoor spaces open to the outside. If it is necessary to protect the open areas (gardens, orchards, fields, plantations, vineyards), the device can be installed near a window in the interior, led to the open area.
  • Underground installation. To ensure the protection of mice, rats, moles, hamsters and soricidas, the device must be placed tightly in a PVC film, then it must be moved 10 cm down and go to the hole of the mole.



Technical specifications of the repellent of rodents, rats, and moles Grad-500


  • Range of working frequency, kHz 4 to 64
  • Radiation pattern 360 ° (circular)
  • Range of protection up to 500 square feet
  • Sound pressure (at 2 meters distance), dB 90
  • Dimensions, mm 105 x 58 x 18.5
  • Weight, gr 12



Package contents:

  • Mouse ultrasonic "GRAD A-500", rat repellent and mole
  • Adapter certified power supply 220 V
  • Manual of instructions.

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