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Repellent pest Grand At-1000 Pro

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New product

  • It combines three techniques repellents together: ultrasound, audible sound and strobe light bright.
  • Range of protection of up to 1000 square feet
  • The unique technology of forming an ultrasound image based on the biorhythms of the natural rodents, it has no effect addictive to them
  • Takes effect immediately after power-on
  • 4 modes of operation to repel different pests: mouse, rodents, mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, fleas, ants, etc
  • You can work in an absolutely silent

More details

119,95 € tax incl.


"Grad A-1000 Pro" can work in an absolutely quiet, has a wide range of protection, flexible customization and a wide functionality.

If pests have already occupied the territory of your home, several weeks (even days) will be sufficient to clear the territory of the "intruders". The ultrasonic repeller makes it impossible for the pests to continue in the protected area. This device is absolutely harmless for humans and pets (except for hamsters, pet rats, etc).



The device contains no chemicals and can be applicable to:


  • Facilities of factories (plants, factories, warehouses, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, cattle ranches, ranches of chickens)
  • Compartments home (separate homes, cabins, warehouses, cold)
  • Barns, shops of vegetable, grocery stores.



The principle of operation is based on the intolerance of rodents and insects to the sound and ultrasonic waves generated by the device. The efficiency of the device is improved even more thanks to the flashes of high-brightness generated by the microprocessor in accordance with the special algorithm of built-in LEDS.


Advantages of the "Grad A-1000 Pro"


  1. Scope of protection is extremely large: up to 1000 square feet. A range as amazing was made possible by virtue of the increase of the power of the transducer, and the algorithm of update of the generation of ultrasonic radiation.
  2. Triple effect. The device may affect pests by means of 3 techniques repellents simultaneously: ultrasound, audible sound and strobe light bright. Such a synergistic effect has increased the effectiveness of the protection.
  3. Quiet operation "Grad A-1000 Pro" is a separate mode in which the repellent does not produce any sound. This has to do with the fact that in this way the repellent uses only ultrasound that does not affect people.
  4. The effectiveness of the device decreases with time due to which the pests can not adapt to the sequence of ultrasound that is not repeated. The laboratory experiments on pests show that prolonged exposure to the often immutable does not affect gradually the pests and stop seeing it as a sign of escape. However, "Grad A-1000 Pro" uses a unique sequence of ultrasound non-repetitive that it has no effect addictive to mice and rats. Then the device will protect his territory for many years. It also works without "space blind", without reducing the effectiveness in areas where pests can hide.
  5. 4 operation modes: 2 modes to repel mice and rats, a way to repel mosquitoes and repel other insects (fleas, spiders, mites, moths). Such universality makes "Grad A-1000 Pro" is the feature of most effective protection for your home.
  6. The adjustment of the power of the ultrasonic emission. This option allows you to choose the correct level of emission according to the size of the compartment protected.


Number of levels of control of emission power:


  • Level 1 - 25%;
  • Level 2 - 50%;
  • Level 3 - 75%;
  • Level 4 - 100%



Modes of operation:


  • Mode 1: mode eject more effective for rodents (sound waves and ultrasound);
  • Mode 2 - mode of expulsion ultrasonic (quiet) for rodents and to the bats;
  • Mode 3 - mode of expulsion of mosquitoes;
  • Mode 4: mode of expulsion for insects (fleas, spiders, mites, moths).


Note: mode 3: ineffective for the expulsion of mosquitoes in the open air, the device must be placed in the window opening. In this way, you can significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes that enter the room

The repellent "Grad A-1000 Pro" does not require any pre-operation or special configurations. It is very simple in use. The maintenance only requires cleaning the surface of the device.

The device must be installed in the center of the compartment at a height of 60-70 cm (a 23.6-27.5 inches) of the soil. In addition, the device can be placed on a wall.



Technical specifications of the Grad A-1000 Pro

  • Range of working frequency, kHz 4 to 72
  • Radiation pattern 360 ° (circular)
  • Range of protection up to 1000 square feet
  • Sound pressure at a distance of 1 m from the repellent on, dB not more than 110
  • Dimensions, mm 109 x 65 x 25
  • Weight, gr 95



Package contents:


  • Repellent pest "Grad A-1000 Pro"
  • Adapter 220V
  • Instruction Manual

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