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Repellent Pest Grand Ultra 3D

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New product

  • 3 techniques repellents combined together: system acoustic, ultrasonic, and optical.
  • Range of protection up to 1200 square feet
  • The unique technology of forming an ultrasound image based on the biorhythms of the natural rodents, it has no effect addictive to them.
  • Takes effect immediately after power on.
  • 4 operation modes: EXTREME (turbo system + optical), TURBO (repellent acoustic and ultrasonic), optical system REMOVE and REMOVE + (it does not affect people)
  • Recommended for the professional protection of rodents in large businesses, warehouses, production facilities and catering establishments.

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239,95 € tax incl.


Unique in its category


4 ultrasonic transducers create an ultrasound image only that it demodulates by a low frequency. Increases the effectiveness of the repellent because the frequency of the ultrasonic vibrations coincides with the frequency of the rhythms most important of the rodents, and it causes panic, anxiety and fear more strong.


How does the optical system of the device?


The LED white-blue-purple static and sticks to disorient completely to the pests and causes them to panic, weakness, and a strong irritation of the visual nerves.

The optical system double works by unique algorithm


  • Prevents the adaptation of pests
  • Is exposed to the visual nerves of rodents for more than 2 minutes and cause a strong irritation. ¡Unique!
  • The cumulative impact induces general weakness: ¡Unique!
  • Prevents the reproduction of pests - it's Unique!


 Why is the name of the repellent contains "3D"?


  1. The repellent is effective in the entire room.
  2. It works without "space blind", without reducing the effectiveness in areas where pests can hide.


Area of application Grad Ultra 3D is very wide: bakeries, cafes, restaurants and other catering establishments, public warehouses, industrial facilities, residences, and service quarters.



The repellent must be installed on any horizontal surface or mounted on the wall. The device is usually placed next to the valuable things that you want to protect, or where they often appear rodents.



Modes of operation of Grad Ultra 3D:


  1. END system (turbo + optical): impact extremely powerful.
  2. TURBO (repellent acoustic and ultrasonic).
  3. QUIET (for service rooms, store and other small rooms (does not apply to people)).
  4. SILENT + optical System (for small industrial facilities, and establishments of restoration).


Technical specifications Grad Ultra 3D


  • Range of working frequency, kHz 24 to 26
  • Radiation pattern 360 ° (circular)
  • Range of protection up to 1200 square feet
  • Sound pressure at a distance of 1 m from the repellent on, dB not more than 120
  • Dimensions, mm 109 x 65 x 25
  • Weight gr 120



Package contents:


  • Repellent of pests Grad Ultra 3D
  • Adapter 220V
  • Manual

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