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Meter of Nitrates Eco Life Pro 2

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The meter of nitrate EcoLife PRO-2 is a device designed to measure the content quantitative of nitrate (rapid test) in fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and baby food. The device can also be used as salímetro meter (TDS) which measures the concentration of inorganic contaminants that are insoluble in water (the salts of different metals in general).


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Nitrates are salts of nitric acid (NO3), which are found in the soil and are absorbed by the plants from the soil. Thanks to their positive influence on the growth and fertility of crops, and in the speed of maturation of the harvest, the nitrates are spread widely in agriculture. When you enter in the human body, the nitrites react with its microflora and are transformed into nitrites (NO2). Nitrites are absorbed into the bloodstream from the intestinal tract, and are added with hematoglobulina of metilhemoglobina. The metilhemoglobina is a chemical compound stable that does not carry oxygen. Induces hypoxia, accumulation of lactic acid in the tissues, poisoning tissue and histólisis.



However, most researchers believe that the cancer is the main danger, especially gastrointestinal cancer. With the nitrites, amides and nitrate, and amines cancer can be synthesized from almost any food, both in the stomach and in the intestinal tract.


 Why you need a meter to measure nitrate?

Today, it is not a secret for anyone that most of the products are not good for health, but are detrimental to the health. More and more often they are told to the people about the dangers of nitrates, especially in vegetables and fruits. Cause acute poisoning, and have a negative impact on health, and this, by the way, is shown. This is particularly important to test the level of nitrate in foods for children, fruit and vegetable purees, because the children are extremely exposed to the harmful effects of nitrates.


Not so long ago, you have to go to the lab to measure the level of nitrate. But people always want to drink fresh juices and eat organic food without nitrates. That is why we produce EcoLife PRO-2, that allows you to determine the nitrate concentration in your food.



Why you need a meter to measure TDS?


  1. Health. A high TDS causes an undesirable flavor that can be salty, bitter or metallic. It could also indicate the presence of toxic minerals.
  2. Performance of the filter. Test your water to ensure that the filter system has a high rejection rate and know when to change the cartridges of your filter (or membrane).
  3. Hardness. A high TDS indicates hard water, which causes scale buildup in pipes and valves, inhibiting performance.
  4. Aquaculture. A constant level of minerals is necessary for aquatic life. The water in an aquarium should have the same levels of TDS and pH as the original habitat of the fish and reefs.
  5. Hydroponics. TDS is the best measurement of the nutrient concentration in a solution of hydroponics.
  6. Swimming pools and Spas. The levels of TDS must be monitored to prevent maintenance problems.



Technical characteristics of the Meter of nitrates:


  • Range of measurement of nitrates, mg / kg from 20 to 10 000
  • Measuring range TDS, mg / L 0 to 999
  • Measurement time, seconds, max. 15
  • Voltage ВС (two AAA batteries), V 2.2 to 3.2
  • Input current, mA, max. 210
  • Temperature conditions operation: +5 to + 40 ° C;
  • humidity to 30 ° C: below 95%
  • Dimensions, mm 112x65x30
  • Weight, g, max. 120



 Package contents:


  • Meter nitrate EcoLife PRO-2
  • AAA battery
  • Probe
  • Case
  • Packing box
  • Instruction Manual

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