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New Bird Dogs aggressive with ultrasonic emission, effective range of 10-20 meters. Perfect combination of high efficiency and low price.

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Main features of the Bird dog:

· Signal Ahuyentadora of aggressive dogs with the ultrasonic emission.

· Effective range up to 8-10 meters, maximum range of up to 18-20 meters.

· The repellent does not require pre-operation or special configurations. It is very simple in use

· Period of effective length of the device, greater than 5 years.

· Manufacturer's warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase.

· Can be used for dog training.

· Efficiency only at a low price.

· Weight: only 100 grams

· Dimensions: 110 х 57 х 35 mm.

The Bird Dog is designed for effective protection against the attacks of stray dogs. The effectiveness of the device is achieved by the application of pulsed ultrasonic unique pattern.

What are the main advantages of the Repeller Dogs?

This Repeller Dogs has no analogues in the world for its quality / price ratio. It is an economy version of the Bird with reduced functionality. But despite this, the operating range and effectiveness were slightly reduced in comparison with the models of repellents more expensive and improved.

Large operating range (18-20 meters). Most of the Ornamental ultrasonic that are represented in the market they operate within the range of 10 meters. And very often these figures are exaggerated. In fact, such Ornamental are effective at a very short distance. The "Dog STOP" is unique in this sense. Its transducer generates ultrasonic flow at 119-120 dB, which is more effective at a distance of 8-10 meters. But the experiments with the device show that it is the entire operating range maximum: up to 18-20 meters.

The effectiveness of the emission does not decrease with discharge of the batteries. Even if the batteries are depleted almost completely, the device will function as if you had batteries to full charge.

How does this Repeller Dogs?

Aim the Bird towards the dog, and press the large button located in the upper part of the body. The device will begin to emit pulses of ultrasonic. To maximize the impact on the animal aggressive, quickly press and release the power button, thus creating a pattern of individual sound. In most cases, the effect of the scare is manifested instantly, and the aggressive animal recedes immediately. However, this does not always happen, sometimes the Bird takes a few seconds to act. Don't worry, this is normal.

To maximize the effectiveness of the device, try to direct the issuer to exactly the dog. If the animal begins to run towards a side, but does not abandon its aggressive intentions, to move the radiator up to the escape.

Despite the fact that the maximum distance of the device reaches the 18-20 meters, it is more effective if the dog is less than 10 meters away from you. If the animal is further away, first try to avoid the conflict, keeping the Bird ready, but not to use it. Only see it in silence, but in no case dig.

When is it recommended to use the Bird Dogs Ultrasonic?

The device can be used not only for defense against feral dogs, but also to train your dog. If your pet behaves badly and does not react to the types of punishment rather soft (for example, lifting up the voice), the Repeller ultrasonic help. Command your dog, for example, "I Pause / don't do that!" And, in case of disobedience, turn on the repeller for a while at a distance of 2-3 meters. Even the best dog disobedient begins to understand what is what and begin to listen to your orders.

Technical specifications of the Bird Dog Ultrasonic:

· Effective distance (maximum), up to 10 (up to 20) meters

· Sound pressure level at a distance of 1 m from the device, 119-120 dB

· Dimensions 110 x 57 x 35mm

· Weight, 100 gr

· Voltage DC power (3 AAA batteries), of 2.5 to 4.5 V

Package contents:

· Repeller ultrasonic Dog STOP"

· Clip for convenient transport of the device on a belt

· 2 self-tapping screws (for mounting the clip)

· Manual in Spanish

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