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Repeller for dogs Grand Duos S

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New Bird Dog Stationary Ultrasonic GRAD DUOS S, with range of action of 10-20 metres and a coverage angle of up to 180°.

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Main features of the Bird dog Ultrasonic:


· Sign variable to avoid the possibility that the animals get used;

      · Dimensions ultra compact (75x35x55 mm)

· Large angle of propagation of the ultrasonic signal (up to 180 °)

· Area of maximum radiation of up to 200 m2

· The support wall are fixed at different angles

· Support different sources of power supply (optional). AC / DC adapter, solar panel with a battery or from a device boot of the car with an external port 5-V.


The "Grad Duos S" is a Bird Dog stationary ultra-compact designed for outdoor environments in the territory of the home to prevent attacks of stray dogs as well as cats, foxes, wolves, raccoons, and other animals. The range of action of the device is 10-20 meters, the angle of coverage is up to 180°. The area of operation maximum efficient is 200 m2. The device generates ultrasonic radiation, which creates unbearable conditions for the majority of the animals. At the same time, the device is not damaged and is safe for humans.


The Bird Dogs Ultrasonic has a most significant effect on animals more receptive (like foxes), so the range of action for them is up to 20 meters, for stray animals and wild range of action is up to 10 meters.


How does this Repeller Dogs Ultrasonic?

The Bird Dog stationary is designed to operate in cottages and houses, kindergartens, restaurants, garages, courtyards, and other places. In normal mode, the device operates at 30% of the maximum power, when an animal is in the area of operation, the device automatically increases the power of the ultrasonic signal up to 100% (this period depends on the time that the animal remains in the operational area).

The principle of operation of the
Bird Dogs, is based on the intolerance of the animal to the ultrasonic radiation. The sounds are ultrasonic are inaudible to humans, but such signals cause anxiety amongst the animals. That is why they leave the place "dangerous" immediately.

 Where it is recommended to Install the Repeller Dogs Ultrasonic?

It is recommended to place the Bird Dogs ultrasonic in areas of possible occurrence of stray animals to a height of 60-100 cm of the soil. Experts indicate that you do not install the appliance in places with high humidity, and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Install the bracket on the wall near the outlet and secure it with screws. Install the Repeller of Dogs in such a way that the radiator ultrasonic (2 round holes in the front panel) is located with a slight tilt. The slope of the radiators can be adjusted.

How to choose the best place to Install the Bird Dogs Ultrasonic?

To achieve the maximum effect, choose the appropriate location for the installation of the
Bird Dogs, Taking into account the following factors:

· It is important to protect the Bird Dogs natural phenomena (rain, snow) when you install it on the outside, without blocking the radiators of ultrasonic.

· The Bird Dogs ultrasonic will work correctly in the maximum area specified, in case you have an open space, separated by fences, utility structures, and with many plants, can be placed simultaneously on several products;

· The maximum performance of the ultrasonic device is achieved when placed at a distance of 60-100 cm from the ground (floor). To connect the product to the main power source, it is possible to use extension cords network (carrier).

Technical specifications of the Bird Dog Ultrasonic:

· Range (Effective - up to 10 m)/ (Maximum up to 20 m)

      · Angle of propagation of the ultrasonic signal 160-180°

      · Sound pressure at a distance of 1 m from the radiator, dB 120 ± 1.2

      · The maximum area covered by the radiation, 200 m2

      · Supply voltage-DC 5V

      · Maximum current consumption, a 0.6 Amp

      · Operating temperature range, -10 to +40° C

      · Maximum dimensions, 75х35х55 mm

      · Weight of the product, 0,05 kg

Package contents:

· Repeller ultrasonic stationary dog "Grad Duos S

      · Adapter-voltage 220V

      · Individual package

      · Warranty card

      · Instruction Manual

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